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Safety Basics - Health & Safety Orientation

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Please note that the Foundations of Workplace Safety and BSAFE™ (BC Safety Assured For Everyone) online courses have been discontinued as of May 31, 2024.

The tourism and hospitality industry is diverse and exciting, attracting workers from all over the world with various levels of knowledge and experience. Taking part in this orientation course will not only set participants up for success in their roles but will also contribute to our industry’s overall commitment to creating safer experiences for everyone, including workers, guests, and the community. 

This orientation course explores the foundational principles of workplace health and safety that can be applied in all workplaces and identifies site-specific information that must be communicated to workers as they start their new role. 

The training uses interactive activities and industry examples to help participants understand and retain the information. Topics covered in this training course include:
  • Workplace health & safety rights and responsibilities
  • Health & safety legislation in BC and the role of WorkSafeBC
  • Hazards and risks, including workplace emergencies
  • Reducing risks by adopting a proactive approach to health & safety 
  • The Hierarchy of Controls and how to apply this concept to various situations
  • Contributing to a positive workplace safety culture 
  • Important site-specific health & safety information that all workers need to know, including reporting hazards, workplace injuries, emergency procedures, and much more! 
This course covers the required orientation topics mandated by WorkSafeBC, however, should be supplemented by further training, including a site-specific orientation, on-the-job instruction and supervision, and ongoing refresher training. 

This course is for new and/or young workers in BC’s tourism and hospitality industry, including: 
  • Workers of all ages who are starting a new job in the industry 
  • Young workers under the age of 25 
  • Individuals who have transferred from other parts of the organization 
  • Individuals for whom workplace processes and hazards have changed 
  • Job seekers hoping to gain a competitive advantage in the tourism and hospitality job market
Technical Requirements:
Recommended interface is a Windows environment using a high-speed internet connection (minimum 25Mbps) and a modern, standards-compliant web browser to view animations and HD video (Google Chrome is recommended).

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1 hour and 30 minutes
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