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An Introduction to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) for Tourism & Hospitality

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Join us for An Introduction to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). As our industry works to become more equitable, diverse, and inclusive, this course will give you the foundational knowledge needed to thoughtfully engage and move forward on your journey whether you are an individual, leader, an HR or EDI specialist, a school, or an organization, this beginner course gives you the common language to go deeper. We recommend this course as a complement to other EDI initiatives or work you may be undertaking. 

In this course we will look at core concepts and terms such as: equity, diversity, inclusion, positionality, intersectionality, types of bias, microaggressions, microinsults, microassaults, and microaggressions. 

  1. Why EDI is Relevant to Tourism & Hospitality
  2. What EDI is
  3. What the Bias Barrier is and different types of bias
  4. What EDI Behaviours and Competencies are
  5. Beyond legislation about  how to address Discrimination in the Workplace
  6. How to Put Inclusive Behaviours and Competencies into Action through awareness, openness and building cultural competency
  7. How to Be a Champion for Change - Where to start and next steps
Technical Requirements: Recommended interface is a Windows environment using a high-speed internet connection (minimum 25Mbps) and a modern, standards-compliant web browser to view animations and HD video (Google Chrome is recommended).

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