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Safer Spaces - Workers in Tourism & Hospitality

Course by: go2HR

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Take the important step in helping to create respectful, inclusive workplaces that are free from sexual harassment by completing the Safer Spaces training course. The second installment in the suite of Safer Spaces training developed by go2HR for BC’s tourism and hospitality industry, this self-paced course focuses primarily on how to prevent and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace, from the perspective of a worker.

Those in a supervisory or managerial role may want to take a look at this course to get an overview of the topics that are covered but we also recommend taking Safer Spaces for employers and supervisors.

The course covers the following learning topics:

Defining sexual harassment

Understanding roles, rights and responsibilities

Disclosing or reporting sexual harassment

Witnessing sexual harassment

Contributing to a safer and respectful workplace

Final thoughts, including a Safer Spaces workplace action plan to develop and take away!

Trigger warning

Safer Spaces deals with a serious subject matter. The content may invoke or trigger emotional responses in people who have experienced violence. 

Think of a trigger warning or a content warning as a consent button for content. It puts choice back in the hands of survivors.

Technical Requirements: Recommended interface is a Windows environment using a high-speed internet connection (minimum 25Mbps) and a modern, standards-compliant web browser to view animations and HD video (Google Chrome is recommended).

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1 hour and 30 minutes
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