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Safer Spaces - Employers/Supervisors in Tourism & Hospitality

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Leaders are fundamental to creating sexual harassment free workplaces because they establish the safety culture and set the tone.  We invite B.C.’s employers and supervisors to take the lead by completing the Safer Spaces course and creating their own safer workplaces. This course covers the following learning topics:

  1.  Defining Sexual Harassment
  2.  Identifying Risk Factors in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry
  3.  Understanding Workplace Roles & Responsibilities
  4.  Building your Workplace Culture
  5.  Training and Communication
  6.  Receiving a Disclosure of Sexual Harassment
  7. Responding to a Disclosure of Sexual Harassment
  8. Creating Safer Spaces for Everyone

Trigger Warning 

Safer Spaces deals with a serious subject matter. The content can invoke a trigger response in those who have previously experienced trauma.  Think of a Trigger warning as a consent button for content. It puts choice back in the hands of survivors. We aim to be sensitive and therefore you will note trigger warnings in all of our online content. Within our Safer Spaces course, we will also direct to support resources whenever appropriate.

Technical requirements for an optimal learning experience: - Use of chrome browser, internet speed of a minimum of 25mbps

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3 hours
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