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About us

What we do

go2HR is BC’s tourism and hospitality human resource and health & safety association and is proud to have served the industry for more than 40 years. go2HR exists to drive strong workforces and safe workplaces that deliver world-class tourism and hospitality experiences in BC.

We empower employers to have a strong human resource and health & safety culture that supports strong business performance. To do this, we offer programs, tools, information, and consulting services to elevate employers’ human resources and health and safety practices, educate and train the current and future workforces, and inform government, stakeholders and communities on labour market conditions and strategy.

One of the most impactful ways that go2HR supports the tourism industry is through our tailored industry training programs. We currently offer diverse training courses to help businesses access and implement relevant front-line, team leadership and management skills training for their employees. A few of our training offerings include:

  • BSAFE™ - a tourism & hospitality specific COVID-19 health and safety training course
  • SuperHost® Service for All - an equity, diversity, and inclusion training course
  • SuperHost Foundations of Service Quality - a customer service fundamentals training course
  • FOODSAFE Level 1 by Distance Education - an accessible way to access the FOODSAFE program for remote communities
  • Foundations of Workplace Safety - a young workers safety fundamentals training course
  • And more exciting projects currently under development

go2HR strives to make all our training courses affordable, accessible, relevant, and specific to our industry needs.  We work internally and with industry to limit barriers and ensure that workers get the certifications and training they need to succeed. We are committed to supporting the tourism & hospitality industry with health & safety programs, training, labour market information, career advocacy and industry specific research to the tourism and hospitality sectors.